Friday, December 14, 2018

Gov. Walker Signs Extraordinary Session Bills Into Law

Governor Walker signed the three extraordinary session bills passed by the legislature into law today. While Walker had previously said he was considering possible vetoes, he signed all of the bills into law as passed by the Legislature.

This includes a change to the way discretionary settlement funds are handled. Currently, the Attorney General has discretion over how to use these dollars, but the legislation requires all funds to be deposited into the general fund. WEMTA believes these funds should be deposited into the Common School Fund based on the Wisconsin State Constitution, which requires all fines, forfeitures and unspecified grants to the state to be deposited into the Fund.

The bills also limit early voting to two weeks, create new legislative oversight processes, place limits on the Attorney General’s ability to withdraw the state from lawsuits, and put the new work and cost-sharing requirements for childless adults on BadgerCare into law. 

You can read a summary of all the bills, here: 

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