Friday, December 7, 2018

Ask Governor Walker to Veto Changes to Discretionary Settlement Funds

WEMTA is greatly concerned by changes to the deposit of discretionary settlement funds contained in one of the special session bills passed this week (Senate Bill 884/Assembly Bill 1070). The bill requires all discretionary settlement funds to be deposited into the general fund rather than giving them to the Attorney General who can choose how the funds are spent. WEMTA believes the state constitution is clear—discretionary funds belong in the Common School Fund.

Contact Governor Walker and ask that he veto changes to settlement funds contained in Senate Bill 884/Assembly Bill 1070. Tell him that these funds belong in the Common School Fund.

Phone: (608) 266-1212.

Talking Points You can Use:

·         The state constitution requires that the Common School Fund receive “all moneys and the clear proceeds of” fines, forfeitures, escheats and unspecified grants paid to the state. Settlement funds are no different than forfeitures and belong in the Common School Fund, not the general fund.

·         Senate Bill 884/Assembly Bill 1070 further diverts these funds from the Common School Fund by placing them in the general fund. Please veto this change.

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