Thursday, August 31, 2017

Senate Education Committee Passes Student Data Bills

The Senate Committee on Education voted 7-0 on Thursday to pass the two bills authored by the Legislative Council Study Committee on School Data. They can now be voted on by the full Senate.Both bills have already been passed by the full Assembly. Once passed by the Senate, Governor Walker can sign them into law.

Assembly Bill 71 requires DPI to maintain a list of each type of student data they collect and publish it on their website. Assembly Bill 72 requires the State Superintendent to provide guidance and training to schools on developing data privacy and security plans.


AB-071 Pupil Data Inventory (Legislative Council) An inventory of pupil data. Passage recommended, 7-0.  

AB-072 Pupil Data Security (Legislative Council) Responsibilities of state superintendent related to privacy and security of pupil data. Passage recommended, 7-0.  

AB-280 Financial Literacy in Schools (Krug, Scott) Incorporating financial literacy into the curriculum of public schools. Passage recommended, 7-0.  

SB-301 Summer School Classes (Olsen, Luther) Summer school and interim session classes. Am. 1 adopted, 7-0.   Passage as amended recommended, 7-0.  

SB-299 Montessori Teaching License (Olsen, Luther) An initial teaching license based on completion of a Montessori teacher education program. Passage recommended, 7-0.  

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