Thursday, March 30, 2017

Don't Forget to Vote Tuesday, April 4!

Don’t forget to vote in the State Superintendent election on April 4! This is a very important race for the school library community.

Incumbent State Superintendent Tony Evers is being challenged by Lowell Holtz, a retired superintendent of the Whitnall School District.

According to the Milwaukee Journal, priorities for Evers include increasing state school funding, expanding mental health services, closing achievement gaps, and addressing the teacher shortage. Holtz’s first priority is school safety, and he is a strong proponent for eliminating Common Core standards.

Superintendent Tony Evers is endorsed by the Wisconsin Education Association Council, American Federation of Teachers, and the School Administrators Alliance. Evers is also supported by the Senate Education Committee Chair, Luther Olsen (R-Ripon). See a complete list of Evers’ endorsements here. Holtz is supported by a long list of state legislators as well as the Republican Parties of Adams, Dane, Dodge, Marathon, Milwaukee, Waupaca, Barron, Jackson, Sauk, and Washington Counties. See a complete list of Hotlz’s endorsements here.

Here are some quick facts on the two candidates for Tuesday’s election:

·         Tony Evers, incumbent:
·         Position on Libraries: “Under my leadership, we are launching new technology activities in libraries, like the coding project giving librarians the background and resources to nurture development of these skills with youth in their communities.”
·         School choice: opposes expansion of the voucher program, wants focus on resources for public schools.
·         Common Core: Evers has supported the adoption and implementation of Common Core
·         Running on: fixing the school funding formula; increasing graduation rates/reducing achievement gaps; and making sure students graduate ready for college and careers.
·         Website

·         Lowell Holtz, Superintendent, Whitnall School District:
·         Position on Libraries: “Libraries are a seamless extension of our K-12 school system – before pre-school is commenced, throughout the calendar year, and after diplomas are earned.”
·         School choice: supports the school choice program, saying: “I have no problems with the concept of a voucher in every backpack.”
·         Common Core: supports the immediate elimination of the Common Core curriculum
·         Other positions: promises to close the achievement gap, reduce administrative burdens on teachers, and return control of education back to local communities and parents.
·         Website

There are also school board and other local elections going on around the state, as well as the re-election vote of State Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler. Ziegler is running unopposed.

And don’t forget about voter ID laws!

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