Friday, March 24, 2017

Assembly Educatication: Public Hearing on AB 71&72, Pupil Data Inventory

Assembly Education Committee met Thursday 3/23 to hold a public hearing in regards to Assembly Bills 71 and 72, relating to student data inventory. AB 71 creates an inventory of pupil data that must be published to the DPI website that explains the definition, purpose, and law for each type of data collected. AB 72 requires the State Superintendent to provide guidance and training to schools in data privacy and security plans.

Chair of the Committee, Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) gave a summary on both parts of the bills, highlighting its move to protect student data and create programs to ensure the data is well protected by those who use it, collect it, etc.

A member of the 2017 Legislative Council Study Committee on School Data, Margaret Murphy of Neenah, WI, also spoke in regards to the bill effectively addressing the concerns of mass data and ensuring privacy.  

Representatives from DPI also gave brief comments on the bills. Both, according to DPI, reflect procedures that the agency has been doing and believe this bill will help to correlate their practices with the law. When asked by a member of the committee if DPI would change anything in the bills, DPI said they were pleased with the language as is.  

Also registering in favor was the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance.

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