Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Assembly Committee Chairs Announced

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced leadership for Assembly committees today. Representatives Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) and Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) remain the Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of the Assembly Committee on Education. Representative David Murphy (R-Greenville) remains the chair of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, and Representative Travis Tranel (R-Cuba City) replaces Representative Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) as Vice-Chair. Representative Romaine Quinn (R-Rice Lake) will chair the new Assembly Committee on Science and Technology, and Representative Kevin Petersen (R-Waupaca) will serve as Vice-Chair.
The full committee list is as follows:

  • Aging and Long-Term Care Chair: Rep. Weatherston, Vice-Chair: Rep. Petryk
  • Agriculture Chair: Rep. Nerison, Vice-Chair: Rep. Novak
  • Campaigns and Elections Chair Rep. Bernier, Vice-Chair Rep. Sanfelippo
  • Children and Families Chair: Rep. Kitchens, Vice-Chair: Rep. Gannon
  • Colleges and Universities Chair: Rep. Murphy, Vice-Chair: Rep. Tranel
  • Constitution and Ethics Chair: Rep. Allen, Vice-Chair Rep. Thiesfeldt
  • Consumer Protection Chair: Rep. Duchow, Vice-Chair Rep. Tittl
  • Corrections Chair: Rep. Schraa, Vice-Chair: Rep. Hutton
  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety Chair: Rep. Spiros, Vice-Chair: Rep. Kremer
  • Education Chair: Rep. Thiesfeldt, Vice-Chair: Rep. Kitchens
  • Energy and Utilities Chair: Rep. Kuglitsch, Vice-Chair: Rep. Steffen
  • Environment and Forestry Chair: Rep. Mursau, Vice-Chair: Rep. Krug
  • Family Law Chair: Rep. Rodriguez, Vice-Chair: Rep. Bernier
  • Federalism and Interstate Relations Chair: Rep. Vorpagel, Vice-Chair: Rep. Schraa
  • Financial Institutions Chair: Rep. Katsma, Vice-Chair: Rep. Jarchow
  • Government Accountability and Oversight Chair: Rep. Hutton, Vice-Chair: Rep. Brandtjen
  • Health Chair: Rep. Sanfelippo, Vice-Chair: Rep. Kerkman
  • Housing Chair: Rep. Jagler, Vice-Chair: Rep. Allen
  • Insurance Chair: Rep. Petersen, Vice-Chair: Rep. Duchow
  • Jobs and the Economy Chair: Rep. Neylon, Vice-Chair: Rep. Ed Brooks
  • Judiciary Chair: Rep. Ott, Vice-Chair: Rep. Horlacher
  • Labor Chair: Rep. Kulp, Vice-Chair: Rep. Kuglitsch
  • Mental Health Chair: Rep. Tittl, Vice-Chair: Rep. Jagler
  • Rural Development and Mining Chair: Rep. VanderMeer, Vice-Chair: Rep. Mursau
  • Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Chair: Rep. Kleefisch, Vice-Chair: Rep. Quinn
  • Public Benefit Reform Chair: Rep. Krug, Vice-Chair: Rep. Vorpagel
  • Regulatory Licensing Reform Chair: Rep. Horlacher, Vice-Chair: Rep. Ballweg
  • Science and Technology Chair: Rep. Quinn, Vice-Chair: Rep. Petersen
  • Small Business Development Chair: Rep. Tauchen, Vice-Chair: Rep. Edming
  • State Affairs Chair: Rep. Swearingen, Vice-Chair: Rep. Tauchen
  • Tourism Chair: Rep. Tranel, Vice-Chair: Rep. Swearingen
  • Transportation Chair: Rep. Ripp, Vice-Chair Rep. Spiros
  • Local Government Chair: Rep. Ed Brooks, Vice-Chair: Rep. Ripp
  • Urban Revitalization Chair: Rep. Gannon, Vice-Chair: Rep. Fields (D)
  • Veterans and Military Affairs Chair: Rep. Skowronski, Vice-Chair: Rep. VanderMeer
  • Ways and Means Chair: Rep. Macco, Vice-Chair: Rep. Katsma
  • Workforce Development Chair: Rep. Petryk, Vice-Chair: Rep. Weatherston
  • Joint Audit Chair: Rep. Kerkman, Vice-Chair: Rep. Macco
  • JCRAR Chair: Rep. Ballweg, Vice-Chair: Rep. Neylon
  • JFC Chair: Rep. Nygren, Vice-Chair: Rep. Kooyenga
  • Leg Council Chair: Rep. Rob Brooks
  • Tax Exemptions Chair: Rep. August
  • Retirement Systems Chair: Rep. Novak
  • Information Policy and Technology Chair: Rep. Knodl, Vice-Chair: Rep. Jacque
  • Review Committee on Criminal Penalties Chair: Rep. Jarchow
  • Law Revision Chair: Rep. Ott
  • Building Commission Chair: Rep. Swearingen, Vice-Chair: Rep. Katsma

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