Saturday, May 30, 2015

JFC Approves $250 million Cut to UW other major higher education initiatives

The Joint Finance Committee passed  the Republican  omnibus motion to the UW system budget last night along party lines. 

The Republican plan passed by the Committee includes:

·         Funding Cut: A slight reduction in the proposed cut to the UW System. The cut will be $250 million instead of the $300 million proposed by the Governor.
·         UW System Authority: The Governor’s proposal to convert the UW System to a public authority is removed from the budget
·         Library Depository: Deletes current law authorizing the Board of Regents to participate in a nonprofit-sharing corporation with colleges, universities, and libraries for the purpose of providing and operating a central library depository.
·         Professional Librarians: Deletes current law specifying that if in any institution all professional librarians with appropriate graduate degrees have formerly been ranked faculty, then all present and future appointments of professional librarians with appropriate graduate degrees should be ranked faculty except where the chancellor and faculty designated such appointments as academic staff.
·         Midwest Technology Development Institute: Deletes current law permitting the Board of Regents to maintain membership in the Midwest Technology Development Institute.
·         Research on Education Programs: Approves the Governor’s recommendation to delete current law requiring the Board of Regents to enter into an agreement with the Department of Public Instruction, the Technical College System, and the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities to cooperatively conduct research on preschool through postsecondary education programs.
·         Charter School Authorizers: Allows the following to authorize charter schools: the UW System, The Waukesha County Executive, tribal colleges and Gateway Technical College District Board
·         Tuition Cap: The current tuition cap is extended through the 2016-17 academic year
·         Tenure: The definition of “tenure appointment” is deleted including language establishing the conditions under which the Board of Regents may grant a tenure appointment to a faculty member
·         Layoffs: Allowing the Board of Regents to layoff or terminate any faculty or academic staff appointment if such an action is deemed necessary due to a budget or program decision. This provision would apply to tenured faculty as well.
·         State Treasurer: Deletes current law specifying that the State Treasurer is the treasurer of the Board of Regents.

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