Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Assembly Committees Pass Library Account, Broadband Grant Bills

The Assembly Committee on  Urban and Local Affairs passed  Assembly Bill 609, which allows a public library to provide a collections agency or law enforcement agency with  information about patrons who have delinquent accounts, on a vote of 7-1 Wednesday.  Under the bill, a delinquent account must total $50 before it can be referred to law enforcement. AB 609 can now be voted on by the full Assembly.  Senate Bill 466, the companion bill, is available for a vote before the full senate.

The Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities unanimously approved Assembly Bill 647, which allows the Public Service Commission to make a total of $6 million in broadband expansion grants in any fiscal year until the $6 million is spent. Under current law, PSC is only allowed to issue $1.5 million in grants each year. There is separate legislation pending in the Legislature that would increase funding for the broadband grants to $10 million. AB 647 can now be voted on by the full Assembly. 

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