Monday, August 4, 2014

Governor Walker Releases 2015-17 State Budget Policies

The 2015-17 state budget process officially began last week when Governor Walker released his budget directives to state agencies. 

Walker directed agencies to submit budget requests that include no new GPR appropriations, though he does list K-12 school aids as an exception to this, and called on agencies to eliminate or reform outdated programs.

“Agency requests should focus on continuing to grow our state’s economy and improve the lives of our fellow Wisconsinites,” writes Walker in a letter to state agency heads.  “Agencies are encouraged to reform or even eliminate obsolete and outdated programs in order to fund new initiatives within their current base, rather than seeking additional funds or positions.”

The letter highlights the state’s positive economic condition and the tax cuts implemented during the last state budget and legislative session.  Walker also signals a continued commitment to freezing tuition for UW students and making additional investments in transportation, technology and workforce development programs.

"In training and education, we will continue our efforts to leverage technology to provide students in all corners of the state with access to our world-class institutions, as we did with the UW Flexible Option," Walker says. 

Agency budget requests are due on September 15, 2014. Walker will use these requests to begin developing his 2015-17 state budget, which will be introduced in February. 

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