Monday, December 2, 2013

WEMTA Invited to Testify at Rural Schools Task Force Meeting

The Rural Schools Task Force, chaired by Representative Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander),  has invited WEMTA to provide testimony at a Task Force meeting on Tuesday, December 17 in Madison.

One of the Task Force’s charges is to look at challenges surrounding access to technology in rural schools. 

“During our previous public hearings we have had very little public testimony due to time constraints. The Task Force is holding a meeting in Madison so we can hear from the educational groups now, instead of on the road.  This will free up time so we can allow more time for the public to provide testimony,” said Rep. Swearingen in a press release issued by his office. 

 The Task Force has held two previous meetings, but broadband access has only been mentioned in the context of students not having access to high-speed internet in their homes. Testifying at the hearing will be a great opportunity for WEMTA to address library and technology issues in our public schools. 

To see more information about the previous two hearings, you can visit the Task Force's website.  

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